ESA Intended Invitation To Tender


AO Number: 1-9642
Program ref.: GSTP Element 1 Dev
Tender Type: C
Quarter: 191
Tender Status: ISSUED
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Budget Ref.: E/0904-611 - GSTP Element 1 Dev
Special Prov.: GB+FR
Establishment: ESRIN
Directorate: Directorate of EO Programmes
Department: EO Mission Management & GS Department
Division: ESA Ground Segment & Data Mngmt Division
Contract Officer: Tamas, Dora
Products: Ground Segment / Mission Operations / Other
Techology Domains: Space System Software / Earth Observation Payload Data Exploitation / Core Infrastructure and Architectures
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A - Not apply
Publication Date: 30-NOV-18

Over the next decade, hundreds of Earth Observation (EO) satellites are expected to be launched as large constellations, with the satellites operating in concert to provide intelligence for hundreds of applications. In order to support these applications and achieve the maximum possible value from EO constellations, new advanced mission planning systems are required. The main objective of theproject is to identify, benchmark and prototype the components for a constellation multi-mission planning and analysis tool. The tool shall be capable to interface and integrate with international and national EO space assets, with particular focus on large constellations. The technology requirements for such a constellation mission planning system shall be driven by very different and heterogeneous scenarios and customers requirements, in order to offer a robust requirement framework for future exploitation of the tool.