ESA Intended Invitation To Tender


AO Number: 1-9603
Program ref.: EWatch - Climate CH.;Earthnet;LTDP-2;EO-Science for Socie;Mission Management;N/A Fund
Tender Type: C
Quarter: 191
Tender Status: COMPLETED
Price Range: > 500 KEURO
Budget Ref.: E/0073-01 - EWatch - Climate CH.; E/0078-00 - Earthnet; E/0079-02 - LTDP-2; E/E105-E5 - EO-Science for Socie; E/E110-E5 - Mission Management; N/A - N/A Fund
Proc. Prop.: YIPC
Establishment: ESRIN
Directorate: Directorate of EO Programmes
Department: Science, Applications & Climate Dep.
Division: Data Applications Division
Contract Officer: Boisard, Nathalie
Products: Satellites & Probes / Other
Techology Domains: Others
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A - Not apply
Publication Date: 08-OCT-18

This procurement is for scientific and technical support services in the area of EO Data exploitation to be provided by an industrial consortium at ESRIN. The contractor will establish a consortium lead by a service manager who will, within the framework of the overall Service Level Agreement, respond to a series of individual service requests from the executive to meet the needs of the various Exploitation programmes and elements.These services will cover three main areas( Exploitation projects support, Scientifc software, user liaison) and will meet the combined needs of several different EO programmes and elements, over the period 2019-2021, with a possible extension to 2022-2023.