ESA Intended Invitation To Tender


AO Number: 1-9627
Program ref.: GSTP Element 1 Dev
Tender Type: C
Tender Status: COMPLETED
Price Range: 200-500 KEURO
Budget Ref.: E/0904-611 - GSTP Element 1 Dev
Proc. Prop.: DIPC
Special Prov.: FI+IE
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate of Tech, Eng. & Quality
Department: Systems Department
Division: Software Systems Division
Contract Officer: Casini, Gian Lorenzo
Products: Ground Segment / Development and Construction of Space Segment / General Support / Other
Techology Domains: Others
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A - Not apply
Publication Date: 05-NOV-18

Based on the existing international space station (ISS) procedure viewer capabilities it is proposed to develop a procedure viewer tool and related recording and authoring capabilities for ground based AIV/AIT activities on spacecraft. This tool shall allow a user friendly and easy generation of procedures that are typically used during spacecraft assembly, integration and test. In addition it is proposed to tailor the resulting prototype towards a typical assembly procedure and to an integrated test procedure with the functionality of multiple teams working on the same procedure simultaneously. The development shall be based on the existing (ESA-owned) execution environment, establish the necessary modifications to ingest and modify existing procedures, and enhance the user interface as required by the AIT/AIV needs. It shall provide all relevant data interfaces to existing repositories in test centres. Whereapplicable, recommendations for the development of new or adaptation of existing standards concerning electronic procedures shall beestablished together with main AIV/AIT stakeholders within ESA, industry and other agencies. The current proposal addresses the aspect to develop authoring capabilities for VR and AR content and a module for AR/VR execution that shall integrate with the main procedure viewer, addressing the main technology challenges independent of the complexity of the of a specific AIT/AIV system used.