ESA Intended Invitation To Tender


AO Number: 1-6000
Program ref.: ARTES 5.2
Tender Type: C
Tender Status: ISSUED
Price Range: > 500 KEURO
Budget Ref.: E/0505-02 - ARTES 5.2
Proc. Prop.: NO
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate Telecom & Integrated Applica
Department: Telecom Technologies,Product&Systems Dep
Division: Technologies and Products Division
Contract Officer: Sterzl, Ulrich
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A - Not apply
Publication Date: 18-MAR-16

ARTES 5.2 is the ESA Telecom Technology programme for development of new technologies and techniques for satellite telecommunication. ARTES 5.2 operates with a 'Call for Proposals' which is always open. Industry responds with proposals as they find it opportune. The activities proposed in response to this 'Call for Proposals' must be relevant for the space segment or ground segment of a satellite telecommunications system. The content of an ARTES 5.2 contract shall address the introduction of new technologies and techniques in the initial stages of the development of a product and shall exclude qualification in case of a product for space and industrialisation in case of a product for ground. The product shall have a clear market potential. Essential characteristics of this programme are the proactive role of the Bidder in defining and proposing projects oriented to sustainable products (equipment, software, systems) in the wide area of satellite telecommunications and the sharing of funding by ESA and industry/businesses for the development of the new technology to be used in the products. Although not a competitive tender action, the ARTES 5.2 Call for Proposals is published among these in order to achieve a higher degree of visibility. NOTE: The closing date above had to be established solely for technical reasons connected with EMITS and ought to be ignored.