Open Invitation To Tender [FR]


Title: Telescope Optics Assembly of the Sentinel-4 UVN Instrument
Open Date: 04/08/2011
Closing Date: 05/10/2011 00:00
Reference Nr.: 11.KAYS.002
Budget Ref.: 100704 - GMES Sentinel 4 Ph. B/C/D
Tender Type: C
Price range: > 500 KEURO
Establishment: Kayser-Threde GmbH
Directorate: Earth Observation and Science
Service: Sentinel 4
Officer: Mauro Protto
Keywords: PAYLOAD / EARTH OBSERVATION / Optical & Optronics Sensors
Last Update Date: 16-SEP-11
Update Reason: Loaded a new Clarification(English version)

For background information about the Sentinel-4 mission and the Instrument as part of the GMES programme reference is made to the following link: http://emits.esa.int/emits-doc/ESTEC/Sentinel-4AnnouncementBPEmitsmp20110601Updatentc.pdf As part of this contract with the S-4/UVN Prime Astrium GmbH, Kayser-Threde will release an ITT looking for a supplier of the Telescope Optics Assembly of the S-4 UVN. The telescope optics together with a tilted compensation plate in front and two alternative correction plates (operational and ambient) between the last lens and the focal planes form the UV-NIR telescope. The UV-VIS spectral range from 305-500 nm and the NIR range from 750-775 nm shall be located on two different planes (different back focal distance). The optics is designed for an operational temperature range of 20C +/- 5C as telecentric layout with low scatter characteristic and high transmission to achieve a high contrast and a low polarisation sensitivity thus requiring a homogeneous transmission for p and s-polarisation. The focal length of 215mm+/- 3 mm is accompanied by a pupil diameter of 80 mm for the UV-VIS spectral range and 50 mm diameter for NIR spectral range. The optical layout as combination of 6 lenses achieves a rms spot diameter of better than 10 μm over full spectral range and +/-2 deg. x +/-0.1 deg field of view for the slit illumination. The material selection for the Telescope Optics must be adequate to correct chromatic aberrations within the whole range, for which CaF2 and SiO2 is the first choice. The housing with adjustable interface shall be designed to cope with an optical bench material of Ti6Al4V over the operational and also non operational temperature range. It is of importance that interested suppliers identify any critical technology and demonstrate for the Telescope Optics Assembly the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) adequate to the level of PDR before end of 2011. This ITT is open to joint EC-ESA funding (for details refer to the link given above). As an option, the supply of the Telescope Optics may also be proposed in combination with the UV-VIS Spectrometer and the NIR Spectrometer Assemblies. Both are subject to separate ITT's.

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