Open Invitation To Tender [FR]


Title: GMES Sentinel-3 Mission Planning Facility
Open Date: 14/06/2011
Closing Date: 29/07/2011 00:00
Reference Nr.: 11.EUSD.001
Status: ISSUED
Budget Ref.: 100708 - EUMETSAT Sentinel 3 G/S
Tender Type: C
Price range: No Range
Establishment: EUMETSAT
Last Update Date: 15-JUN-11
Update Reason: First Load

Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) is a joint initiative of the European Community and of the European Space Agency. The ESA GMES Space Component (GSC) Programme includes the implementation of a certain number of individual satellites (called Sentinels) providing contributions in a specific or multiple fields to the GMES space observation needs. The Sentinel-3 mission is devoted to operational oceanography and global land application, thanks to its payload composed of a set of optical and microwave instruments. EUMETSAT is currently, in cooperation with ESA, engaged in the development of parts of the Sentinel-3 system and preparing for the operations of the Sentinel-3 satellite. The Sentinel-3 Ground Segment consisting of two main components: • Flight Operations Segment (FOS), which monitors and controls the status of the satellite(s). • The Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS) that acquires, processes and archives the data provided by the satellites and ensures the Near-Real Time (NRT) and off-line distribution of the products to the users. In this framework, EUMETSAT will release an ITT for the procurement of a Mission Planning Facility to provide the necessary functionality required in performance of the System wide Mission Planning Activities for the GMES Sentinel-3 Mission. The MPF is part of the Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS) for routine operations located at EUMETSAT Headquarters. The Scope of the Mission Planning Facility will typically include: • Exchanges with the Flight Operations Segment (FOS), providing the detailed payload sensing and downlink schedule according to the mission observation strategy defined at GMES Sentinel-3 Mission Management level. • Planning the additional downlink of local data to the receiving X-Band users local ground stations for users who subscribed for such service. • Planning the instrument mode switch changes e.g. to modify the limits of sea ice areas, which vary greatly according to the season and for Open Loop Altimeter modes. • In response to Mission Management needs, generate appropriate Requests and trigger events. • Create various types of Requests for payload planning: Orbit Position Schedule Multiple Repeat Cycle (OPS MRC), Orbit Position Schedule Single Repeat Cycle (OPS SRC), Mission Time Line (MTL) & Real-Time (Immediate) Requests. • Generate various types of schedule; The Nominal Payload Planning File (NPPF), the Delta Nominal Payload Planning File (DNPPF) & the Incremental schedule. • To ensure that generated schedules are conflict free by taking into account pre-defined spacecraft safety constraints and operational optimisation rules. • To generate and transmit to the FOS, routinely every two weeks, a complete conflict-free payload sensing and downlink schedule, in the form of NPPF and DNPPF files. To generate and transmit to FOS when required an Incremental schedule meeting a specific operational need (e.g. instrument parameter update); • To maintain an Image of the current on board OPS MRC queue concerning PDGS MPF sourced Requests. This is necessary for the creation of the DNPPF. All functionality and tasks associated with the development of the Mission Planning Facility will be requested within the ITT’s Data Package. Please note that the foreseen Invitation To Tender will be opened to companies/ entities from ESA Member States, from the GMES Space Component-GSC Participating States, as well as from other participating countries to the Seventh Framework of the European Community. The attention of the potential bidders is drawn to the fact that the bidding period for this foreseen ITT will be limited to 8 weeksn (to be confirmed).

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